Beauty Lately: The Primer & Setting Collection

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I have been in denial about the necessity of owning a primer for so long (thanks to my oily skin), finally I've accepted my fate and I decided to add it to my beauty 'must haves'. Take it from me, my face is just terrible around 2:00pm any day I wear makeup without primer. I have also tried MOM and even the Nivea After Shave 'primer hacks', which have their limitations (for another post)...

Today's post is featuring my latest (and current) collection of primer and setting spray. I must admit that there is evident difference between when I use a primer and when I decide to skip the routine. I usually follow all the makeup application protocols when I'm going for an event, knowing there might be chances of sweating and eventual excretion of those excess oils later in the day.

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I'm using this Blossom Matte Prime for the first time. I can't say if it's fantastic or not, being that I've not really had much experiences with primers, however, there is noticeable difference between when I use it and when I don't. I got this for ₦3,500... I hope it lasts long and I'm satisfied with it by the time I'm done. I love the little cute bottle it comes in, with a cap that allows you press out the right quantity you need without wasting your product. You can also open it to put back any excess.

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I started adding setting spray sometime last year when I discovered it and I love the way my makeup really...should I say???? sets...when I spray it after making up. It really gives this shiny-glammed-up finish that I find quite hard to express with words. This happens to be my 2nd bottle and it is quite ridiculous that I was using a setting spray without a primer right?

Anyway, I got the setting spray for ₦3000. I am...well, partially shocked because I got it for half that price when I purchased the first bottle. I lack words to express how annoying and sad I feel about the recession and the constant hike in the prices of goods. Nevertheless, we will continue living and enjoying life irrespective of the economic situation. #mysufficiencyisofGod

On a final note, comment your favourite... like really working primer and the results you get/got while using it. I am so open to trying out new products.

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