Budget Finds: Classics Makeup Lippies

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It's been a while since I talked about what's going on in my beauty world... I think a lot of it is due to the fact that not much have really been happening until now.

Meanwhile, I wasn't really out to look for the most affordable matte lip gloss when I stumbled upon these beauties... I was innocently looking for anything matte that can last all day with or without adding a lipstick - and trust me, they are veeeeeery affordable. The brand is really building her way up the beauty industry ladder.

I fell in love with Classics Cosmetics for the first time late 2015 when I bought their very affordable and durable powder and foundation palette. I decided to pick one of their matte lip gloss. I bought only one for a try out, then I kept on buying more because they are soooooooo gooood. I haven't even bothered to look for something else... as in other brands because they give me to important things; satisfaction and affordability. The reason I still own only four of these beauties is because I'm still scouting for other colours.

You can wear them alone or apply as a base before adding your lipstick, makes the whole lip-business last all day. I literally need to to thoroughly wipe my lip severally to get them off at the close of day.

if you are looking for beauty brand that will give you results without breaking the bank, Classics Cosmetics is your go-to. This is not a sponsored post, so it is my sincere opinion based on my try outs.

Have you used any Classics product before? Let me know your thoughts on your favourite, I'd like to try them out.




  1. I tossed my ... i don't like the fact that it doesn't dry completely.

  2. Really? I haven't noticed that.


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