Beauty Lately: BH Day & Night 60 Color Eyeshadow Pallete

2017-05-01 22.09.22

Finding the perfect eyeshadow palette has been a major challenge in my beauty department. Usually, I don't go for palettes with two, three or four colors. I like the type that comes with at least 10 colors that I can work with. However, I have noticed that, some of these ones that come in 2 - 3 colors are usually the good ones.

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First Impression:

At first it was a huge challenge using this I must say...the matte ones are good, but the 'supposedly' shimmering colors were just annoying, they keep falling off and you have to keep applying layers on layers before it will give you something. This was my first impression... I wasn't impressed at all.

Nevertheless, I decided to find a way to make it work, so I got me an eyeshadow primer and I think using it hasn't been much of a hassle since then.

Final Impression:

I'm still using it, but to be sincere with you, on a scale of 100%, I'll give this product a 50 or 70. It's just there... I didn't get the "Wow!" effect I was looking for. But like Katrina Raee said in her video, "This product is good for people who have the patients for blending." I think she just took the words right out of my heart. So...

Have you used this product before? Share your review in the comments section...

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