The contentment I feel about this brave decision I took cannot be replaced by words. In fact, I am now, more than ever more excited and thrilled to shoot almost ALL my outfits. The last time I went shopping with my elder sister, she was really 'tripping' for my minimal choices. I just told the shop owner, I'm looking for anything in black, white or grey.

During the shopping session, we were so focused; for trying on new clothes, I was precise...I wasn't distracted at you ever have that feeling when you know EXACTLY what you want? At intervals, I was shown other beautiful 'coloured' clothes, but I wouldn't even look at them...

Anyway, this is how I dress on's supposed to be a native/formal attire day (work thinzzzz), but since 'ankara' clothings are yet to make their way into my wardrobe, I have to find something comfy, semi-casual and yet formal to wear. Just in case you are thinking, "do you wear that shoe to work?" I actually do and on days I have lots of errands to run, this pair of slip-on is my best choice for a footwear.

I'm wearing: Bossini top, WInnie's Wardrobe Skirt and Slip-on by FashionSeries



  1. Hi Chidalu or do you prefer being called Winnie? I wanted to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I've been following you on IG for some time now and love your style. Black & White has been and I feel confident in saying "will always be" my favorite color combination. You look fabulous and have a beautiful blog. Have a nice weekend! ~Steph

  2. Like. Thanks Steph. Going minimal has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, and knowing I have people like you who share the same likes/views is an added motivation which I really appreciate. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. My pleasure. Minimalism has always been a part of my life but there have been a few areas where I sort of lost my mind, like shoes for example. So now I'm looking at minimalism as a challenge to live with those things that bring me some measure of joy in a substantially lesser amount.

  4. Good for your dear. It is always a thing of joy to finally find yourself exactly where you need to be. I hope to see more of you here... for more minimal updates.

  5. […] print was so easy to choose being that it is white and black. I love the polka-dotish pattern of this material. I had it for so long, waiting for the perfect […]


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