I haven't always been a fan of trends, though sometimes, very unique ones come up - which I identify with. However, having been a fashion lover for a long time, I've always loved simplicity. There are people who look so good in just an ordinary tee and jeans that wearing haute couture flies out the window...ever seen such?

Now, when I started blogging for fashion, I almost didn't have a sense of direction as to what I should be writing about. I didn't want to be focused on fashion news, I wanted to talk about my style, what i see as chic and stylish, while inspiring someone else who does not like the limitations that comes with trends. So, I started researching on how to define my personal style...I knew deep in my heart what I liked (or like), but I couldn't find the right words with which to articulate them. Eventually, I stumbled upon several pages where I took a fashion style quiz. This gave me clarifications and in a large sense...gave way for my minimal approach to style.

I'd like to talk about a few words that define my personal style:

MINIMAL: I know most ladies like to wear statement outfits...great. It is however, not my go-to style. I like to dress is in a way that is not to over the top...another way to describe it is 'effortless'.
SIMPLE: I really hate the chore of scouting for hours in the wardrobe looking for the right outfit to wear. I love anything simple that won;t make me feel out of place and at the same time meet the demands of an event/outing. I also love something that is easy to style.
CHIC: As minimal and simple as it is, my style has to be this is relative based on your own style. A simple little black dress, a midi body con gown, a nice graphic tee on blue jeans...just simple, yet chic.
MODERATE: From the literal meaning of the word to the decent part of it. I like to look sexy and cute in a very moderate I said, not 'over the top'.
TOM-GIRLISH: I used 'tom-girlish' in place of 'tomboy' because I'm not the typical tom boy. I love to spice up my tom-boyish-mode days with some girly flair to avoid misrepresenting my personality.
UNIQUE: This is mostly related to details of an outfit. It could be a unique neckline, or the type of button, or design of the pocket, etc.

I'm wearing a regular boat-neck top (buy similar), Forever 21 jeggings, Appacci bag and Atmosphere shoe

Do you have/know your personal style or do you wear whatever is trending? What's your story? share with me...
Just incase you need a style revamp to suit your current lifestyle or you are struggling to find your style....


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