With the protective styles trending and we ladies constantly looking for ways to retain and increase our hair lengths, we must give a thumbs up to all the brands out there working so hard to proffer solutions to our hair needs...

Today on the blog, I'm reviewing one of Nigeria's very own upcoming brands. Kemfulgence Makeovers started first by catering to Pro-Makeup needs of the female folks for birthdays, weddings, and all sorts of events. However, it eventually expanded her services to producing braided wigs.

Kemfulgence braided wig is a single strand hand-braided wig that comes sewn on tracks on a wig cap. It comes in different colors and partings (middle, side part, and all-back). It is made with Kenekalon extension.



The benefits of using this wig cannot be over emphasised.

  1. One major benefit is the need that inspired its production, which is having to sit on a spot for long hours just to get your hair done. With Kemfulgence braided wigs, you can switch your twists as easily as you want, depending on how many you own.

  2. What is more important to we ladies than protecting those edges? Don't worry, Kemfulgence has got you all covered. This is perfect for maintaining or regrowing your edges while still rocking your senegalese micro twists.

  3. It can be customised for you to suit your style. This means you can choose your color, length, straight or curly. You can also go for the boxbraids options too. Isn't this amazing?

  4. Finally, depending on the parting you choose (centre/all-back), you can style your wig to achieve different looks!! Yeepee!!!! So you are not stuck with just one look each time you wear it

 (See how I styled mine below...)




 To get this wig now, you can place your order here and here. Order is confirmed after payment, and can be delivered to your doorstep!

To spice things up, I embedded this video...I hope you like it.


I hope you loved this post. Hurry now and purchase your wigs…don’t forget to send your pictures with #kemfulgencebraidedwigs & #winniesstyle.


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