With the year already begun, it is very crucial that we start right and start early with ensuring we achieve the goals or targets we set for the year. Being my first year as a minimalist, I started out with clearing my wardrobe, which has been a major motivation in ensuring I set up a new one.

...while eliminating almost all the bold colors in my wardrobe, I must say, it was really a tough one letting go of even outfits I've never won before...which is one of the reason for going minimal in the first place, i.e. getting rid of clutter from your life.

Today, I wore one of my 'oldies' though officially won for the first time. I actually purchased this one a while before the bump became visible, I have really looked forward to wearing this outfit.

I don't intend to go the extreme minimalist this first year, so I will play around with a few bold colors, especially pink










Pantyhose: Regular

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