The yuletide season is here and while we are all excited about Christmas (or the holiday) and preparing for it, we shouldn’t forget that it comes with the cold wind (Oh! my brothers and sisters from Enugu or Jos can relate very well), dry skin, chappy lips, skin whiteness, and dust. Despite all these, it happens to be one of the, if not the most widely celebrated seasons in the year.

Usually, we do a lot of shopping for the season, from food, clothing, gifts, etc. You don’t want to walk into the mall or market place not sure what you want to buy, neither do you want to ‘only’ wish you had bought that chic jacket. So I thought it will be great to remind us of some of  the basic harmattan (winter as my brothers in the west call it) essentials needed to get through the holiday. Let's take a look at these esessntials;

1. Shea Butter: What a starter right? Well, one of the first signs of harmattan is the dry skin that shows up when your skin isn’t properly moisturised. Shea Butter comes in handy if you do not want to break the bank trying to purchase expensive ‘oils’ for the skin. Shea Butter helps prevent skin dryness, it also acts as sunscreen as we will be getting a load of that. Personally, I have use shea butter for about a year now. 

2. Bio Oil: This product is usually recommended for pregnant women for treating stretch marks, however, I have used it severally during harmattan as my ‘oil-base’ no matter what cream I use. I usually mix some in my lotion and then apply the rest directly. I recommend it because, it doesn’t really feel ‘oily’ i.e. greasy on the skin, yet it gives you the result you need, which is to stop your skin from drying up and turning white. It is totally absorbed into the skin, and does not retain dust compared to using Vaseline (not that I have anything against Vaseline).

3. Lip Gloss/Balm: Who loves a dry, chappy, sore and cracked lips? Huh? Not meee! So to keep our lips hydrated and healthy during harmattan, one must possess either, if not both of them. These will come in handy for touch ups every now and then. If you have very good products, they can keep your lips free of chaps the whole day.

4. Cardigan: Very important! Be it a dress or a jacket, it is needed to keep warm.
5. Head Warmer: it could be a typical head warmer or a hoodie. This one also helps to keep the head warm, especially if you don’t have much going on your hair/head.
6. Hand Gloves will keep your hands warm. If you don’t have one, DIY it with a pair of stockings: from ankle to knee-high length will depending on what look you are going for.

7. Panty Hose is one of my favourite go-to outfit accessories. It helps to keep warm (though not much), but mostly protects the skin from the intense heat of the sun.
8. Sun Glasses: One or two pairs should do justice to your wardrobe this season. It is essential to protecting your eyes from the sun, apart from the fact that it is great for accessorising.

9. Boots: Boots are like my go to fashion accessory. I love the fact that they can fit just about anything,
10. Scarfs: Great accessory and helps to keep warm.

One remarkable thing  about Harmattan is that despite the cold, it could get really hot during the day. So, while we are planning for lots of warmth-giving outfits, we should consider a few other items for the hot weather,

Anyway, these are the basic harmattan essentials. Do you think I left anything out?  Comment below to let me know what you are buying this season and any item you think I left out from the list above.

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