Alright guys…I’m back again. The year is rounding up and this is the period most successful people take out time to review their year, analyse their successes, things they did well in, in 2016 and stuff they can do better in, in 2017. I have been working on my natural relaxed hair growth since 2015, and my journey has been quite successful. I must say I made some mistakes, which is why I decided to re-strategize so as to achieve greater results in 2017.

These are basically my hair growth goals, however, I decided to go public with it, in hopes that someone out there will be encouraged to take the same steps with me. Now, the major reason I’m going public with my hair goals, just like I did with my fashion goals is so that you, my dear visitor/reader/friend can share in my hair journey as well as help us put a check on one another  lest we deviate or get carried away with trends.

I purposely used the first person pronoun, because, when setting goals, you need to personalize it and state it as you intend to achieve it.

Goal#1. I will be doing lots of natural hairstyles. Growing up in Nigeria, we had two major natural ways for growing hair long … essential oils or not, hair treatments or not. One of them is cornrows (a.k.a weaving). It is generally believed that cornrows thicken as well as make your hair fuller. So cornrows will play a major role in what I’ll be doing with my hair in 2017.

Goal#2. I will engage my hair in a little T.B.T.C (Throw Back To Culture) in 2017. This one is the second generally believed way to grow your hair long in Nigeria. It also serves as a natural  way to straighten your hair without applying heat. This method is the ‘threading’ known in my language as ‘isi eri’ (meaning thread hairstyle). I don’t know how I’m going to pull that off, but I intend to try this style…I hope it turns out fine.

Check out this video by girlsloveyourcurls for more details: 

Goal#3. 1 will use only 1 or 2 brands (at the most) for my hair products. I intend to use Vitalea’s Olive Oil products and /or profectiv products on my hair. This is to reduce the number of products I use on my hair, as well as make it possible for me to know what exactly is good/bad for my hair. Too many products may be confusing and I may not be able to track what could be resulting in any form of defects (though I’m not expecting any).

Goal#4. I will employ the use of essential oils to facilitate the work being done by whatever brand I finally choose to work with. Right now, I have olive oil, argan oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil… I will use as much oils as I can lay my hands on.

Goal#5. I will use various natural products to deep condition, e.g: avocado, oils, eggs, etc.

These are what I have on my list for now. Are you a natural hair enthusiast? What other ideas will you recommend to help me and other beautiful ladies out there grow our hair long.


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