How To Prep Your Hair Before Protective Styling

I'll start by asking, first of all, "Why protective styling?" This question is what inspires the need to take good care of your hair. Any lady interested in protective styles does not just do it for the fun of it; it is mostly because she wants to protect her hair, be it from heat,
terrible-hair-handling stylists, dangerous products, hair breaking styles, etc.

Some protective styles are simple and easy to wear, which you can have on for a few days or a weak like simple 'All-back' weaving or cornrows (with your natural hair), simple Senegalese twists or braids with natural hair. However, for this post, I'm talking basically about 'long-wear' protective styles like crotchet braids, weave-on fixing (i.e. hair extensions), natural hair twist-outs, etc.

The hair is going to be covered for a long time...and probably won't be washed till you take it down, hence it is imperative that you properly prepare the hair for such hairstyle. The long period of time it takes before you change the hair also allows your hair absorb and use up all the products you've applied as well as facilitate new growth.
  1. Trim weak ends (tips) of your hair.
  2. Wash with  shampoo
  3. Steam hair (I recommend using natural ingredients like avocado, banana, shea butter, etc.)
  4. In place of steaming, apply a generous amount of a rinse out conditioner, leave it on for about 45 minutes to 1 hour...if you have the time, then rinse it out.
  5. If you have a leave-in conditioner, apply generously when hair is wet.
  6. Allow hair to air-dry. This is usually safer, but for a quicker result...blow dry hair with medium heat.
  7. Apply your hair oils.
NOTE: All these products must be applied directly to the roots of your hair, and eventually spread throughout the hair.

I hope this post was helpful. I would love to know your regimen for prepping your hair before protective styling...I could learn a few tricks from you too!

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