Why I'm Changing My Blog Name/Url

It's been a most exciting 19 months with you. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my visitors around the world. I see you in my feeds (*winks*). You have been a source of great encouragement to me. You've give me a reason to keep doing what I love doing.


Cheeddahlooks was opened at the time of my life when I was trying to start afresh...I was still attending makeup classes and wondering what the heck I'm going to do afterwards. Considering I have closed my blogs twice since 2013, I wasn't sure if blogging was something I wanted to do again. I had also quit my job (therefore...jobless at the time), moved to a new city, etc. I was at a point where one could say, "She hit rock bottom." It was really a difficult time for me.

   Makeup class became more fun, interesting and explorative! Being the beauty enthusiast that I am, I'd naturally love to share my exploits with people in my world. This and more inspired me to try blogging a third time. However, getting a name has always been my biggest drama when it comes to developing a concept or an idea. Considering that my life was majorly revolving around beauty at the time, I chose "Cheeddahlooks" which is coined from my name 'Chidalu' and 'looks'.

However, in recent months, I observed that my posts and inspiration have become more broad. I realised I'm tending more towards lifestyle blogging than just beauty/fashion. I considered opening a new blog, but I'm yet to become the master of one...hence, it wasn't a very lucrative option for me. At first I totally ignored it, but then the desire for a change kept growing to a point where I began to research on changing blog name and urls. I came across blogs like icanbuildablog and xomisse.com which really helped guide me through it all.


So this is to officially inform you that in a few days/weeks, cheeddahlooks.blogspot.com will seize to exist, and I crave the indulgence of ALL my followers, subscribers, viewers/visitors kindly CONTINUE following me on G+, instagram, tumblr, bloglovin, twitter and facebook.
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All visitors to the old blog will be redirected to Winnie's Style

This means that throughout September, I will be updating and making changes on all social media networks in which I'm signed-up. 

I'm really excited! I have this gut feeling that this change will bring about new, beautiful and exciting experiences for you and me. So, I look forward to seeing and HEARING from you.

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