Pregnancy Style Tips Featuring UCUbani

Hi friends...I've finally come to a close on the pregnancy style tips with this last post featuring UCUbani. A modern day mom with a great zest for fun-living. She obviously didn't let the bump trip knock her sense of style off-balance. During our chat about her style tips during pregnancy, she blatantly told me,

"Being a FTM, my ears were already full from do this and don't do that when you are pregnant...

 From my mum... "don't wear tight clothes ooo so people will not know yet...the world is wicked..." (*lol*) to the nurses at the ANC clinic (hahahaha), to the elderly women you meet daily...the list goes on..."

Totally hilarious lady. Here is her breakdown on pregnancy style:

"When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. For me, I stuck with what I liked. just because my body was changing didn't mean I needed tp transform my wardrobe.

I made pregnancy look carefree. I wore my normal clothing, I was mostly in jeans, floaty chiffon and tank tops, dresses and low 4'' blocked heel shoes

JEANS: Go for skinny jeans, I added maternity skinny jeans to my collection. There's a lot going on around the waist, so you will want to allow your legs look more skinny. This will definitely strike a balance.

'FLOATY' & TANK TOPS: I opted for 'floaty' tank tops because I have quite a number so I played around them, especially chiffon tops. I used tank tops mostly when I want to do a jacket. The good thing about these tops is that I still wear them now and they fit perfectly.

DRESSES: These are my favourites. I always go for dresses that are stretchy, falling neck and wrap frontal. this is because I thought of continuing with them during breast-feeding.

The truth is, you need to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and sassy.

 Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you'll ever do, so flaunt it!"

Wow! Isn't that just interesting? I really do wish I started This earlier, I could have avoided some style errors like color blocking (color and other terrible outfits I put me you don't want to know or see.

Well, I hope this post was helpful...let me know your thoughts and suggestions if you've been pregnant before...and if you've not...feel free to share what your style tips would be eventually.



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