Pregnancy Style Tips: Check Out What This Fab Mom has To Say

Welcome to another exciting day on the blog. As you know I'm on a series on pregnancy style tips from different moms...being that I'm currently pregga! I have been talking to some friends and acquaintances on their experiences with style during pregnancy, and trust me are not alone if your wardrobe is filled with outfits you can't fit into or you
 have taken over your hubby's t-shirts and shorts. Here are some tips that will guide you, just in case you are in that situation or about know...trying to get pregnant. We are totally here for you.
This beautiful mom during my interview with her told me she didn't actually have a style tip or routine, but I wouldn't have that, considering I know her as a very stylish lady. However, she confirmed that...just like me, pregnancy knocked her quite of balance. She wore the same flat sandals to work almost all through her pregnancy period. Her siblings laughed at her hilarious sense of style and encouraged her to try more.

Sounds familiar?

Eventually, she did. She finally told me what I really wanted to hear. Her style tip is simple, "Wear what makes you comfortable at the moment." In my world (the P' 9 months) that would mean; a boxers, singlet, baggy shorts/trousers, loose dresses and Ts,..and when you do have your way...just be naked (*winks*).

I'm still searching for more pregnancy style tips  from friends...I don't mind featuring one of you amazing visitors in this series... send in your style tips if you don't mind  and/or share your tips and comments below. 

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