How To Juggle Life Between Pregnancy and Being A Boss

I'm glad I finally got to share this post as I can now let some of my inquisitive visitors know that I have a full time job, and though I look forward to the growth and more success of my blog, I have another job that I am fully committed to as much as I am to my blogs.It is really an honour to be a wife, a mother (soon to be) and I'm blessed for the opportunity I have to be a proprietress of a budding primary school. Finding myself in these level is just like people will say, "I remember when I wished/prayed for the things I have now." Sometimes I sit and ponder on how I got here...the stories behind who I am now and the processes I had to go through to get to this point, and I can only be grateful to God for His unfailing love.

On juggling life between pregnancy and being a boss, I must say..."It's been one of the most exciting, interesting, exhilarating and yet challenging (in a subtle way) experience in my life." As much as there are so many hardworking pregnant ladies out there, I know there are still a few who still wonder how to cope...once, my staff resigned because she took in and had to go on some sort of sabbatical till she puts to bed...some people have been laid-off or asked to resign to enable them take care of themselves till they put to bed. I mean, people  come to my work place everyday, and ask me what I'm still doing at work at this stage. These and more are what has inspired this post.

In juggling life between pregnancy and being a boss, a few things must come to mind if you have to be successful at it.

1. Set Your Priorities Right. This is very important as this forms the basis for ALL the decisions we make in life, from choosing a career, spouse, the right city to move to, how many kids to have, etc. One has to be certain what is most important in his/her scale of preference. I love my baby so much and I already have a connection with him/her (you know what I mean), yet, I also know that this baby will not be taken bred with just love. S/he will need clothes, food, shelter, vacations, to follow his/her dreams, etc. and I have to have the capacity to provide all that (Definitely by God's abounding grace). So, with this in mind, I have to decide, whether to quit, resign, take a bed rest, etc. or stay and manage/run my business to ensure maximum productivity.

2. Understand the Difference between "Our Own" and "My Own". Oh! Yes! Very important. I have to state this one...hmmmmmm. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is thinking 'My Business is Our Business'. Trust me, you can hardly find one who will run your business as effectively as you will do; showing the level of commitment that you do in achieving your goals for that business. I've heard several stories of people who had to close down their businesses just because they took a short leave and by the time they got back, their staff had run the whole place down. Sometimes, it's best you learn from other people's mistakes.

This is mostly common in new businesses. if your business is still 1-3 years old, please, I recommend you stay put. Be on top of your game. Ensure you don't stay away for so long. Constant supervision and follow-up on the day-to-day reports of your staff will help to put everyone on there toes. Hence, if you find you are pregnant at this point, ask God for his grace and divine enablement to continue being available for your business ("...It's not by power or by might, but by my spirit" says the Lord).


3. Don't Do It All Alone. This particular one is mostly determined by the nature of your business. In my experience, I ensured I had at least two handy staff I can always count on, as well as the ultimate support of my husband. Hire a Personal Assistant if you can afford one, to help you manage your personal and business life.

4. Don't Overwork Yourself. Ok, I may be guilty of this...though I think I mean the extreme sense of it. I mean, do not work so much to the point where you loose your baby, get sick, have complications, and or any other form of negative effects on your health. Know when to draw the lines...take a break and go home. This is why number 3 (above) is very important.

Do what you can, leave instructions, and get some rest.

5. Give Clear Performance Expectations. This is key, especially in a situation where your standards are high and the need to maintain the status-quo with or without you being there is top priority. Like my lecturer will say back then in the university, "Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups." Never assume your staff will do the right thing, hence, set clear goals/targets as well as performance expectations to work with. These will serve as clear guidelines on what they should achieve daily.

6. Supervise! Supervise! Supervise! This is the 'it' factor of every boss. If you don't supervise, how will you be certain you are getting the results you desire, and how will you supervise, if you are not available?

7. Eat well. You know you have to...whether you like it or not, you will eventually get hungry and you have to feed. So you've got to eat healthy and well too, because apart from the normal pregnancy increased appetite, you need energy to function at your best.

8. Create A Resting Place At Work. Yes, this may sound unprofessional to some folks, but that is their opinion. I think, if you're pregnant, the boss and/or the business is should be at liberty to do what you wish in this regard. For me, I have a collapsible sofa which I turn into a bed from time-to-time as soon as the drowsiness, tiredness, sleepiness, etc. sets in. Sometimes, you don't need the whole day sleeping and eating at home to prove you are taking care of yourself during pregnancy. Sometimes, all your body needs is a 20-minute nap, a short rest, working from a spot for sometime without necessarily moving around/stressing yourself unnecessarily. Trust me, this works great!!!

What you may not know is that your presence is a motivation for your staff. The fact that you can still come to work at this point in your life can spur them on to work harder...encourage them for greater productivity.

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