Black On A Bump

Being a total contrast to one of my favourite colours, i.e. white, black is one outfit color that everyone needs to have in their closet. From dresses, belts, pants, lingerie, to accessories like a black pump, flats, jewelries, bags, etc. Black is an essential part of every stylish wardrobe...I can't be wrong right?

Anyway, this piece I wore is a gift from my 'Big' sister about a year ago. I was glad when I stumbled into it in the course of shuffling through my wardrobe for my next outfit post. I must confess, I didn't plan for this pregnancy at all...especially fashion wise, and besides, I've had A LOT on my plate this year that the fact that I still have time for the blog is still a wonder to  me. 

For this look, I decided to accessorize with this silver set of necklace, bracelet and earrings as well as a very,,,low heel silver wedge sandal. For the 'lady with a bump', this sandal is comfortable enough to wear through the day, though I took it off at some point.
I love this look because it is quite simple. Someone like me, I find pregnancy as quite a deal on it's own, so I don't like stressing myself with unnecessary over-dressing or over-accessorizing. My style is inspired by freedom. I love to wear something that doesn't hold me back or limit my ability to move or breathe freely.

Whether tight or loose, if your outfit doesn't make you feel hot/sexy, classy, stylish and at the same time free, then the whole point is defeated.

Now it's your turn, Do you have a favourite black dress? Where would you wear it to, and what's your style inspiration?


  1. Blog all you can now... you will be worn out once your bundle of joy arrives :) Speaking from experience :D

  2. hahahahahahhahhahaha! Really? Well, let's wait and see...but I'll try to have the best of both worlds.


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