Pregnancy Style Tips: Featuring Adennar

Hi friends, I got inspired to do a series on pregnancy style tips after my baby bump post.

Style during pregnancy can be quite complicated as you are getting out of shape, outgrowing your old clothes, losing interest in things that you wouldn't yes, one can totally relate to the typical baby-changes-everything situation. How can I forget beauty?

Even makeup application, hairstyling, manicures and pedicures, etc. A few hardcore fashionisters and beauticians might be able to pull it off...I mean maintaining their style through pregnancy, but majority of the women folk find it quite challenging to cope with...nevertheless, we know our babies are worth all the peril.

So todays feature, my first, is a close friend who recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Adennar believes pregnancy style should be,

"Free or stretchy gown with flat shoe, sandals or slip on for comfort and a beautiful makeup to look sharp."


I totally agree with this, as it has to be either tight and stretchy or just free...but I'd go with the free stuff more.

So to all the pregnant women and moms out there, what do you think about her style? What are your own style tips? 

Help a sister out!

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