8 Facts About Makeup You Need To Know Now!

 8 facts about makeup

I’d start by telling the story of my journey with makeup. I always loved it, however, in the past I only did the loving and didn’t bother to understand the gimmicks behind it all. When I look back at some of my pictures from way-back-when and the way I applied makeup. I wonder like, "What the hell?’’

So today, in my guest for improving my skills, learning new tips and tricks, I discovered some undeniable facts that will make my and your makeup life easier.

  1.  No brand is the almighty. This is to say that in the beauty world, there are a thousand and one brands producing numerous beauty products at high quality. However, one man's food as we know can be another man's poison, so you can't say any brand is the ultimate. This is why Estee Lauder lipstick might be good for you, but you still find someone claim it is terrible. This doesn't mean the Estee Lauder brand is low quality compared to Mac. It's just a matter of choice.

  2. There are rules and no rules. With makeup, there are no rules. You can start with foundation and finish with your lipstick application, and tomorrow you start with the  lip and finish with foundation & powder application. The most important thing is learning and getting acquainted with makeup application basics and just play around with your rules/routine.

  3. The copycat will end up being stereotyped. By this I mean, it's okay to draw inspiration here and there to be a better artist, However, trying to be a copycat,  by doing it exactly the way a particular person does it can inhibit your imaginative ability and your ability to be creative and freestyle, thereby stopping you from having your own signature application routine.

  4.  Flexibility is vital. Just like I mentioned above, you can be a stereotype artist when it comes to makeup. Except you are not so into makeup, you are all about your natural glow with just your foundation and lipstick, but if you're really into makeup artistry, then you have to be flexible, in terms of trying new products, working with different faces and features, trying out different looks, etc. It is the best way to find your strengths and know your weakness and what to work on.

  5.  Explore your creative ability: someone invented trends. So makeup allows you to try out new tips, tricks and beauty hacks. Someone invented contouring, smokey eyes, ombre lip, etc. you can come up with something too. Feel free to explore.

  6. Most important is learning the basics of makeup application. This is key to looking amazing on daily basis...from workplace makeup to dressing a friend for a birthday bash, all you need is to learn the basics.

  7.  Use quality products...the fact that a product is cheap doesn’t make it low quality. Truth be told, not every popular beauty product is amazing, if you check out some beauty bloggers and 'youtubers' who talk about products they will never buy again, then you'll understand what I'm saying. Some popular (designer) brands just make a lot of noise, but when you eventually try their  products, you are faced with complete disaster...so you've got to be careful in selecting what product you use.

  8. Makeup involves an unending stream of trials, For you to discover and be a part of the beauty world, you have to get ready to use many products, i.e, different foundations, lip glosses, eye shadow, etc from different brands...especially if you are a variety kinda of person. Point is, don't give up just because one or two products didn't work. If you keep at it, you will eventually find what you need.

     I hope you found this post quite informative.

I'd like to know what discoveries you've made with makeup. Feel free to share your beauty ideologies in the comment box. Thanks

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