4 Things You Need To Know About Life!

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I can think of so many things I want in life, some I’ve given up on, some I had to change as a result of me drawing a scale of preference and realising what is truly right for me and what is highly irrelevant…you know...stuff that I can forego.

...Constant pondering on this as the years/days go by has got me wondering what life is really about. What is that thing or factor that can make one believe for certain that he/she has truly lived? This is because a deep consideration of this line of thought makes you realise that so many people are merely existing and not truly living. From my scale of preference, I think life is a culmination those things that we have that are irreplaceable. Life is that aspect of living that is ultimately priceless. Now the question is, what are they to you?

I can’t help but express my deepest concern for what is going on in the world today. The entertainment media, most especially has found a way to glorify folly, thereby convincing the world that the mundane things are now the most trendy, classy and acceptable in the society. The pursuit of power and fame has ridiculed the true purpose of love, friendship, trust and loyalty. This brings me to the last thoughts of  Steve Jobs (fake or not)…truth is, all these material things we are all scrambling for are vanity…and it is sad to know that some people realise it mostly when it is too late.

1. life isn’t about shoes, clothes and bags. It isn’t about my brows being on fleek and traveling round the world. It is about what I have been able to achieve with the time I have spent so far on earth. It is about how many lives that I have touched positively. To me,

‘’Life is family, it is good friendship. It is putting a smile on someone’s face. It is a sound sleep at night. It is lending a helping hand, building and encouraging others to become a better, stronger version of themselves. Most importantly, life is my unfettered relationship with God.’’

    2. Life is what happens in our real life. I mean when the cameras are off and no one is watching (you don’t have an audience…for validation). I’m referring specifically to the social media world…many have been led astray, distracted and confused as a result of what they see others portray themselves to be on social media. Real life comes with honest answers to questions such as:

·         What is your real name?

·         Where do you really live?

·         What do you really do for a living?

·         Are you really what/who people see you to be?

The real answers to these questions are life.

3. Life is being fulfilled by means of living out the full potentials for which God originally designed you. It is fulfilling your destiny. It is fulfilling your purpose. Destinies can be fulfilled through our jobs, careers or pursuing a cause. It is your ability to contribute your own quota towards making this world a better place. The question is, ‘’Are you functioning where God wants you to?’’ ‘’Are you fulfilling your purpose on earth?’’

4. Life is people being able to sit back and thank God that you were born. It is people glorifying God because of who you are. Life is you being a blessing and an inspiration to others.

These, among many is priceless!

This is life!

I hope you were inspired by this post. What would be your most important achievement in life...at the end of the day? Share with me...


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