Fix 'Dry Itchy Hair' in 30 Minutes Without Shampooing!

There are different reasons we have dry hair, from weather, nutrition, how you care for your hair to most the products you use.
I realized about two days after I washed my hair (in a salon) that my hair was super itchy, dry and breaking terribly. I was like, "What in the world is the problem?"
(It is sometimes terribly wrong to use combs in the salon because you don't know whom it has been used on, and some stylists don't take proper care of their tools.)

 Anyway, I needed a quick remedy as I was rushing off to work and I didn't have much time at my disposal, so join me as I walk you through my 30 minute hair care routine:

  • Get your hair wet: Now I don't mean spraying water all over your hair. I mean, either using a bowl to pour water on the hair or use your shower. After it is wet, try to slightly squeeze out excess water to avoid breakage.

  • Apply Conditioner: One of the things that got me here in the first place was that I didn’t use my own hair products, so they used the…well, I’d call it low quality and cheap one they use for ALL the customers (My bad!). Apply your conditioner. Recently I started using Root Rebound Deep Conditioner by Profective. (See Review. Massage gently into whole hair. Ensure it really gets to your roots. Then comb backwards/forward to detangle.

  • Put on your steaming cap. I don’t have that for now, so I DIYed it by putting on a shower cap. Then rap your towel around your head, covering the shower cap. Go on with your morning routine, brushing, getting your outfit, ready, etc… this should take about 10 -15 minutes.

  •   Get in the shower (if you haven’t) and wash off while bathing or just wash off.
  • Apply your live in conditioner. (Check out … to see what I use)
  • Apply your hair cream/oil/shea butter…whatever you use.
  • Allow hair to air-dry. I recommend air-drying since the focus here is to deliver the hair from dryness, right?

And you are done!
Your hair must really feel very soft and moist by now. To retain the moisture, braid hair into large-quick-to-lose cornrows. This also prevents unnecessary breakage too.

What’s your own special dry-hair remedy? Share your tips pleeeeease!

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