How To Rock Casual 'Monchrome' Tee & Shorts





So this beautiful not-so-sunny afternoon I decided to go casual with this loose monchrome top I got recently from Singapore. (I didn't go, if you must's a gift) So I tried to figure out how to rock this without committing a miserable fashion crime!

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon this shorts by George and I figured…great, this would do just fine.

I went for an easygoing casual outfit that I can easily walk around town with, without putting in so much effort or attracting any form of negative attention. This is best for days when you don't have any serious business or formal engagements. 

I finished the look with my favourite sunglasses and choice earing. You don't have to be strict with that.



T-shirt is by Bossini. (I couldn’t find the links to their online shop, but you can find an equivalent herehere or here)

Short can be any cute black one in your wardrobe…fitted one is preferable, but mine is by George. (You can also find it here)

Black flat shoe by Merona…you can it's equivalent here.

Wrist watch by adidas. (shop here)

I hope you liked this post. How would you wear your monochrome t-shirt?

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