Sunday Outfits: Little Black Dress

Hello, hope it’s been a great weekend so far. At first…on Friday, I was a bit ill, so I assigned myself to a bed rest from Friday through Saturday. However, I ‘m feeling much better today (Sunday). Anyway, I must say that I haven’t been impressed with my fashion page for some time now, which is why I haven’t updated anything since.
I’ve been trying to get a good photographer to work with and all. For now, I plan to revamp the page by deleting some of the old stuff and updating much more upgraded fashion posts.

Starting with today’s outfit, I wore this short, simple and classy little black dress by atmosphere, paired with leggings. I totally skipped the whole jewelry thing. Seriously, it’s been a habit of late. I don’t remember to accessorize. Anyway, I also loved rocking this shoe by mannika, which I bought during the Christmas holiday.

So, there! That’s my outfit of the day.

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