How To Install Crochet Braids: Picture Tutorial

I'll start by telling you what inspired me to do this myself. Like a friend shared with me, when you see people do this 
on YouTube, it looks impossible. Some people will be quite sincere to tell you to either go and do it in a salon or get 
a sibling/friend to do it for you.

Well, I walked into this salon...where I usually make my hair for some months now. I must say that the worst kind
 of people to deal with are people who are very myopic in their thinking, people who are stuck with an archaic and 
obsolete mentality and are unwilling to accommodate something new.

Back to my story...

So I CONSUME my data, playing different youtube videos trying to show them the hairstyle I want to do 
(vixen sew-in weave) and the one I will do next (crotchet braids). They are watching the video in awe, with so much
 excitement and then they go..."It'll take so much time." I'm like, "Hello...isn't everyone in this salon spending time?' 
to cut the long story short...the sew-in they made for me, was so terrible...I barely managed it, but it wasn't blog worthy 
at all. 

Thereafter, I asked them how much they'll charge to install crochet braids for me, and they were like... "N6000." 
 I'm like what? She goes, "A woman told me she did this type of hair in Abuja for N11,000." I told her, "Firstly, 
this isn't Abuja. Secondly, That woman must be a very big liar!" And I stormed out of the salon.

To avoid the hassle of finding a stylist that will have enough open mind to comprehend and make my hair for me,
 I decided to try doing it myself. 

Let's go straight to the braids...

This is how my natural hair was braided. it is advisable to braid your hair according to how you want to style the braids.

 The spacing in front should be quite reasonable such that when you flip it to any side, it wouldn't appear to wide. 
The closer the better.

 I used this extension by Expression. It is synthetic. People in the UK/US will usually go for the Marley braids, but its 
quite difficult to find here in Nigeria and exorbitant when you finally find it. So after much search, I finally found this
 one. In my first Crotchet Braids style post, I used normal Expression (attachments), about three packs. I also used 3
 packs of this. It depends on how full you want your hair to appear.

This one has been a major hitch in my desire to install crochet braids since I discovered the style. I finally found it 
in lagos during my Christmas Holiday trips. It costs about N1500 - N2000. The style is not popular here, so the few
 people who know about it just want to monopolise the trend.

How to style:
I think the picture is quite explanatory. But for the records, I cut each strand in two, then I split them into different sizes. 
Sometimes 3, 4 or five, depending on which part of the hair I want to fix it.

At the beginning (back), I spaced each installation since it will eventually be covered up. then I gradually worked my 
way up.

Now I've worked my way through the whole hair. At this point, it is quite heavy and stiff, but don't worry...there's still 
so much work to be done. Let's moisturize!

At this point, take a small reasonable amount, comb out with a brush and apply a good amount of moisturizer. Twist 
hair to the tip and then tie into a bantu knot like in the picture below.

Finally, if you can, insert all knots into hot water or get someone to do it for you. I finished mine at midnight on
 a saturday night. I have to go to church the next day, so I did it myself, it wasn't easy at first, but I finally got it all done.

Loosen each knot and trim! trim! trim!


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