4 Affordable Foundations You Should Try This 2016

   The beauty industry recently has been overladen with concurrent brands and products. They are so numerous that logging out of the beauty world just for one week is enough to make you miss out the newest trends.
   Today, I’m sharing thoughts on some of my favourite foundations so far. I haven’t always been a makeup girl so I wouldn’t say I’ve had many experiences with different foundations. Besides, with the likes of Motives Cosmetics, Anastesia Beverly Hills, etc,
some of the newest brands are hardly easy to get in certain countries.  However, I’ll be talking about the ones I have used so far and how it has turned out, starting from my most favourite.

It gives you a shimmery look and makes your skin glow throughout the day. It is also matte as you need to blend as fast as you can to avoid it drying out and creating patches on your face. The major challenge with this product is finding it. I believe it’ll be easier if you stay in UK or USA. It can also be found in your local drugstores. However, I’ll recommend you buy online if possible…from Iman.com to avoid buying a fake. In Nigeria, it costs about N3500 early 2015, but recently, with the rise in exchange rate, it about N8500. (I’m not certain, you need to verify)

Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation
I love this one...it's kind of my first love when it comes to foundations. I started with it. For me, it' gives me full coverage, except you have very obvious dark patches that really needs a concealer to be obscure. It's highly recommended for oily skin.

Zaron Cream-to-Powder:
This one is also very good, matte, suitable for oily skin and Africans too. Its quite easy t find. I'd recommend you go to a reputable cosmetics shop. It might cost a little bit more, but its worth it. You don't want to end up buying a fake.

Classics Facebook Six Shades Compact Pallette:
I’m totally in love with this one right now. It comes in three shades foundation and six shades of powder. Great for personal use and totally matte. What I love most is that it is so light, it sometimes feels like there’s nothing on your face. It costs about N6500 (quite affordable for a palette right?)

So those are my favourite foundations so far. I'll keep you posted with new finds. Kindly let me know if you have questions or other foundation suggestions for me.


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