How To Have An Amazing Holiday!

 Hello dearies. I know I have been M. I. A for some time now...It's the holiday thrills love buns...I can't seem to get enough of it. I mean at this point, if I have to go back to work I wouldn't feel like I didn't have a splendid Christmas holiday.
It was a very all-work-and-no play kind of year for me, so, this little time I've had to spend with family this past few weeks have been amazing...more so, I have recorded many remarkable miracles this season!! I'm so excited!

What are you doing this Christmas? Yes. What will you be doing? I for one can't imagine spending Christmas without loved just in case you have no clue, find out some great tips on how to have an amazing holiday!
  1. Take a trip. This can be so refreshing from all the "busyness" of the work days. I mean, cut yourself some slack and travel to your favourite city or cities.
  2. Visit a great friend/family. I don't know where you are. May be in a city where none of your immediate family members reside...I hope that at least you have a friend there...great! go have some great time with him/her/them. This is the perfect time to hook up with all the people you din't have time to hang out with throughout the year.
  3. Organize Hang outs. Plan with your folks...find out the most fascinating places in your locality, fix a date and invite them over. 
  4. Shop! Shop! Shop! I talking to every single person that celebrates Christmas. How can you not shop during me, you just have'll definitely find something to shop...from groceries. You definitely have to buy something. So, go girl/boy/man/woman! Have a splendid cost-effective shopping spree!
  5. Give someone a gift. You know the bible actually says "...that blessed is he that giveth than he that receiveth." So this season is about giving, and God started by giving us Christ, so let's emulate him and send someone a portion or a gift this season.
  6. Take lots of pictures. I assume you agree that reliving memories of pleasant moments can be very refreshing for the mind every now and then. So please...snap away!!! I would love to see your pictures if it's possible, so feel free to send me one (See Contact page).
  7. Look good. For heaven's sake, you're celebrating Christ...So this is the time to look great in honor of Him. If you'll adorn yourself so much for wedding, carnivals, celebration of other days that are not related to Christ, I think we shouldn't do less during Christmas. Please, I want to see your Summer/winter Holiday looks and makeup ideas or products. 

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