DIY Pre-Pooing: How to Treat Your Hair Before Shampooing

Pre-pooing is a process of conditioning your hair before washing it. It is a form of treatment for hair loss, dryness, etc. The interesting part about pre-pooing is that you can go for simple DIYs if you can't lay your hand on or afford your desired products.

Today, I had my first pre-poo experience. There are various products you can use, but I opted for the ones available to me (considering I didn't really plan it).

I always heard that using eggs on the hair is good, but I've never tried it before. It's amazing we think so many things impossible or ridiculous, yet they are real everyday remedy to things that will naturally cost us so much. Anyway, let me show you what I used.

  1. Egg White: There is no law that says it must be egg white only. I just decided to use only it.
  2. Olive Oil: This I usually use on my hair, but seeing it was recommended for almost all pre-poo treatments, I just had to use it.
  3. Hair Mayonnaise: This has been my normal hair conditioner for some months now, so I used it too.
1. Mix the three ingredients together.
2. Apply to SCALP as you gradually cut out hair, till you've gone over your whole scalp.
3. Deeply massage into hair by using your finger to run through your whole hair.
4. In the absence of a good steaming cap, use your shower cap, wrap your towel round it. this will create a form of heat, which will help steam your hair.
5. Leave it on for about 45 minutes.
6. Go ahead and wash your hair.

Now you can go ahead and condition your hair again, wash off and allow to dry.

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