DIY: How To Do A Banana & Shea Butter Pre-Poo Treatment

Recently I discovered the concept of pre-pooing in my quest for natural ways to care for the hair. Like I shared in my previous pre-pooing post, pre-pooing is all about giving your hair a little boosting treatment before washing it. The interesting part about pre-pooing is that it is simple, effortless and can be done with items you would naturally find anywhere in or around your home.

Today's pre-poo post has a perk. *winks* I added a video (scroll down) to show you how you can DIY at home. First of all, you need:

  • Banana
  • Shea Butter
  • Heat
Start by:
  1. Blend or with a spoon squash your banana into a paste like the picture below.

     2.  Put a reasonable amount of shea butter in a spoon or anything that you can use in melting oil and melt. I just like to go straight to the point. No drama. I just put mine in the spoon and melt on the cooker.

      3.  Add it to the banana paste and mix.

      4.  Divide your hair in two sections.

Watch this video to see how I applied the first section

 5. Now the mixture has been applied all over the hair. Remember to deeply massage hair to ensure every strand is affected...from the roots.

I don't have the steaming cap, so I just used my shower cap. Then I wrapped my towel round the hair.

6. Leave it on for as long as you wish. Some people like to have it on all through the night, but I wouldn't sleep well with that, so I had it on for about 4 hours...going about my business in the house, after which I washed it off.

7. Apply your choice of conditioner, either a washout or leave-in will do. I used my Organics Hair Mayonnaise which I washed out. Then, I applied my Olive Oil leave-in Conditioner and Olive oil.

8. I air-dried

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