4 Lessons I've Learnt From Taking Driving Lessons

I started last weekend. It's been a great one week of learning for me. 

I got to that point where I decided I no longer enjoy hopping into tricycles (Keke) or any other form of town transit. Many times I've had to procrastinate events/chores just because of the thought of using public transport. I just get demoralized. However, unlike in the past, when there was no car, I'd use the non-availability of a car as an excuse for not knowing how to drive. Now, though I don't own a car (but hopefully that will change very soon), I have a car at my disposal. I don't have an excuse anymore. So I decided to ask for help.

One of my colleagues hooked me up with his friend who has been my tutor for about a week now. Today, I drove on the road...a busy road. It was great, I'm not yet perfect, but if I can even get on the wheel, then I can become a great driver in the nearest future.


  1. Learning how to drive even when I don't have a car is a leap of faith in anticipation of my own car. I just know it's going to come very very soon, so I better be ready.
  2. We need to get rid of qualities/traits in our lives that have become constant limitations. For example: fear of the unknown, procrastination, making excuses for every shortcoming, etc I had to get rid of the fear of hitting the road (by myself). That is the only way that I can move forward at the moment.
  3. At some point in life, one needs to take the bull by the horn if you want anything to change. Step out of your comfort zone and do that thing that always seem impossible or difficult to do. Once you overcome it, you are automatically launched into a higher level of operation.
  4. Take advantage of the opportunities before you. I have a car at my disposal, parked for weeks, and I'm constantly going out on foot or taking public transports. Most times, opportunities don't present themselves twice, so use the one you have.

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