Up & About To The Gym: My New Saturday Routine

I decided to close my day/morning (because it is 12:08am) with this post on my recent Saturday routine. I have fantasised about the likes of Naomi Cambell, Kendall Jenna,
Alexandra Abrosio, Tyra Banks, etc for so long that I decided to take the bull by the horn to get myself registered with a gym and work out that sexy body that I have dreamt of having for so long.

I'm still taking baby steps: watching my diet, taking my detoxifying drink, cutting down on my carbohydrate intake, etc I must confess that "looking good is not just a good business, but also a painful and serious business." My whole body hurts from all the mountain climbing,
flapping, sit-ups, boxing, you name it...my trainer is one tough guy, doesn't look at our faces at all.

Stay tuned with me...I hope that 2 months from now, I can confidently show you my before and after pictures.

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