It has become a cliché for people to brag about the most expensive salons, boutiques, designs, etc. this is because it is supposed to make the individual appear wealthy, which will result in other people having high regards for them.

FACT: Most times, people aren’t very real and they don’t live within their means. They pretend a lot, hence, present a false version of themselves to the public.

This post is dedicated to ‘real’ women who live on a budget (mostly majority of women). Let’s face it, not every woman can afford a Prada bag, Gucci shoes, Alexander Mcquine dress, etc With the craze on social media, I see lots of display of fashion, brands and prize tags, etc. Don’t get me wrong; I understand when people do that as a marketing strategy…especially if you run a boutique or beauty house and so on. On the other hand, some people don’t have or do all that. They just want people to know how much a cloth or an accessory cost (whether it is true or not).

I’m a realist. If you’re not a celebrity of some sort and you are not a child/sibling or even a friend of a celebrity/influential figure, or you don’t even own a business that can afford you a lavish lifestyle, then you probably belong to this category. It is not something to be ashamed of, so let’s go straight to business.

On my list of ways to help you save are:

  1. Learn to do things yourself:I can attest to a number of times that my hair wasn’t properly retouched in a salon, and I swear I could have done a better job had I done it myself. Sometimes you can save by doing some things yourself. I file and paint my nails, myself. I blow-dry my hair myself. Sometimes it develops into a hobby. Most hairstylists started by doing things themselves, found out it was a passion and started a business.

  1. Everything you own mustn’t be a brand:Oh! Yes, yes, yes! It’s ok to be a brand-freak every once in a while, but it’s not ok to let brands run your life or turn you into a debtor. I make reference to something Jackie Aina said in one of her videos (about strobbing) about how beauty companies are driving women crazy with kits; contour kit, brow kit, nail kit, pedicure kit, this kit and that kit. In her words, “How many kit can we have?” Really. There are many very very good products; clothes, beauty products, fashion accessories, etc that are great and will even do a better job compared to our designer brands. I mean, when you see some of these product reviews or you try them out yourself, you see things for yourself.

  1. Wear clothes not price tags:Yes! I am totally into this one. I Love what I love. I go for what is attractive: the design, how an outfit or an item suits me, not the price pasted on it. This is the mistake many people make. They want to brag about the cost of an item so much so that they strive soooo hard to buy something they can’t comfortably afford…even on credit. Badddd…very very bad habit. You need to stop right there girlfriend. Real friends (and family) don’t love you because of the price tags, they love you for who you are, not what you appear to be.

  1. Cut your coat according to your size:This is quite similar to number 3 above, but I’ll just re-emphasize, just to get my point across. This is your ability to be content with what you have and what you can get at your level. Stop letting peer-pressure drive you into debts and lifestyles that become too difficult and impossible to maintain. Lack of contentment results in greed and covetousness: and trust me, it can eat so deep into one’s system, turning one into a very dangerous person…you don’t want that. There are many beautiful things in the market places/stores that are much more affordable and cost-effective for a budget-conscious person.

I hope this post was helpful. Kindly  leave a comment and share.


Written By Dalu Chukwudalu


  1. Your very welcome.. more to come

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