9 Heels You Can Wear All Day

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Are you one of those ladies who find wearing heels a treat, yet you don't feel very classy till you're on one of those heels? This post is definitely for you.

Over the tears, I have struggled with wearing those 6 inches heels. In fact, I remember my expression the first time I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Mr. Smith (Angelina Jolie) was on top of a chair decorating on heels. Models walking the run way on heels and even Singers like Beyonce dancing on heels. I'm usually amazed.

Anyway, I love heels too, I just don't know how to walk them, especially the stiletto or pumps...you know the ones with tiny long heels. So I found myself going for heels that are not so high, but you know...still gives you the ability to walk the 'heel walk'. Heels have a way of bringing out the 'S' in "sexy" in a woman. It enables you walk like a lady...unlike the flat..if you're not concious, you'll be working just anyhow.

I belive there are many ladies out there like me, who will like to know the knid of heel to look out for. Heels which won't threaten thier toes or knuckles or even make yoy fall.

  1. Wedge Heels: This one is one of the most comfortable heels for ladies who love heels but find it difficult to get a balance when wearing one. This always gives a classy appeal to your outfit no matter what you're wearing, from native to casual or corporate. You can pair it with any outfit...definitely not for beach wears. *wink*

     2.  Kitten Heels: I recommend this for work also, especially if you're not working in a bank or         very formal organisations. You can also wear this with a short summer dress or skirt. This is something someone can comfortably wear all day without feeling like removing your shoes and go for  a flip-flop, because that's usually what happens when ladies wear those awfully high heels, they have a slippers, tucked away somewhere in the handbag or in the car.

     3.    Spool Heels: This is recommended for people whose working conditions demands a lot of standing up or walking about. You don't want to seem like you're suffering by the time it's half day, and your toes are crying out for help.

     4.    Block Heels: This ones are also usually very comfortable and can be paired with flair or pliate skirts and dresses. It can also be worn with your Ankara-made dress..it all depends on the style though. This can also be worn comfortably for casual outings with friends, shopping, etc

      5.    Oxford Heels: This is my favourite of all in the low heel category. I can rock this 24/7 without feeling a thing..so long it's my size though. It's very comfortable and totally great for both corporate and casual outings. I think I'll wear this on Thursday and Fridays mostly. And will totally wear it to the mall, friendly visits, evening strolls...etc.

      6.    Chunky Heels: Great without a socks if you're wearing it to work. If not..then the socks gives it a very casual, but yet chic appeal. The choice is yours.

      7.    french Heels: I'm not crazy about this one, though I recommend it for those who don't want to be entirely ruled out in heels game. It still give an edge to your style. Depending on what you decide to pair it with, it can always feel better than when you're just on a flat shoe.

      8.    Cone Heels: I also recommend this for work. In fact, this one can be worn almost with anything, from dresses to skirts, shorts, pants, etc. It can also be paired with that little black dress..maybe not black. It can be worn for weddings, dinner, work-mostly formal outings.

    9.     Platform Heels: I love these..I just love them. For me, I'd totally rock these with my favourite pair of jeans, jeggings and shorts. But you know, fashion shouldn't be so strict. You could decide to pair it with something else.

Which is your favorite? Mine is wedge or anything really low.

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