7 Reasons Why 'Exercise' Is The Way To Go!

While I'm a fan of drinking slim tea, detoxifying tea, herbal tea, etc. I strongly believe in the relevance of exercising for every individual who is serious about weight-loss or fitness. I think laziness and ignorance is a major reason why people shy away from exercising. It's amazing how people want to rock a "Beyonce" body shape, but eat a whole lot and never exercise.
From walking, running, jogging, sit ups, etc, anything you do, that makes you sweat is enough to make you loose weight. That doesn't include, sitting in a very comfortable air conditioned office 9 hours a day, then you go, I'm really tired. I mean, that for the purpose of rocking a sexy, well toned body, you need to get out there and workout. This is what will give you the look you desire. Here are 7 reasons why exercise is the way to go:
  1. Exercise is good for body metabolism.
  2. It helps to tone your hands, laps and legs.
  3. It stops your body from having unnecessary flaps and bounce, hence, it gives you a firmness you wouldn't get from drinking only slimming tea.
  4. It saves you from future heavy-duty work out routines. By this, I mean, starting to workout today saves you the chances of getting fat in the future and the hard-core workout routine that will eventually come with it. I see some fat women I work out with, and I silently pray that i will  never ever get to half their size. They can't even lift a shoulder...*shaking my head*
  5. It gets rid of cellulite. Yes, Have you read about those creams that help get rid of cellulite...lies! The real deal is exercising. As the fat in the body converts to energy which converts to heat (sweat), those fats (cellulite) gradually fade away,  giving you a smooth non-cellulite skin.
  6. It keeps you energetic. When you do short routines like jogging on a spot, squats, sit-ups, stretches, etc every morning before setting out for the day, you will notice a level of energy that you wouldn't ordinarily feel if you just wake up, have your shower, eat and set out.
  7. As calories are burnt during exercise, fats and sugar are converted into heat which reduces risks of diabetes, obesity, etc

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