DIY: Simple Tips On How To Organise Your Makeup/Accessories

I think this is my second DIY post since how I styled my crotchet braid. Well I'm not sure. Anyway, this is my story:

Suddenly I found myself in possession of a conglomeration of makeup and beauty items. I said "suddenly" because I wasn't always like this. Before now, I had the normal 'little Makeup bag' which comprises of: a powder (white/brown), lipgloss, one brow pencil and the cheapest kind of mascara you can think of. Even then,
my mascara will always dry up because I didn't know how to use it, and it will always mess my face up when I'm applying it. However now, I own quite a number of brushes, different foundations/powders, different lipgloss, lip-stains, etc: my hair dryer, straightener, combs, etc. I became desperate for a dressing table/mirror. I happen to have a little high test for things, so I don't just want anything, I want the best, though i am very good at appreciating little beginnings, managing what i have till I get what I need or desire.

So here i am this beautiful Saturday morning thinking about how to manage all my beauty tools as they are just lying around all over the place. So I decided to get creative (though I must confess that I got some DIY tips online).

What you need:

  • Empty bottled water or juice containers with different shapes/transparent glass bowls.
  • 2 sets of plastic tray (color and number of choice).
  • A Knife
  • Beauty tools/items
  • Time


  • Wash/clean or dry your containers, then use your knife to cut them into desired sizes based on what you intend to put inside them. If you are using glass bowls, then you just need to clean them.
  • Put your brushes, glosses, eye pencils, etc into seperate containers, putting into consideration their lengths and uses.
  • Use some of your take away plates as container for foundation, powder, mascara, etc
  • Use an old Danish Cookies container or any other thing you have to arrange your fashion accessories.
  • Use the last row as the tray for things you don't use everyday like; Hair dryer and flattening iron, etc
  • When you're sure everything is in place, then, you're done!
Final Look:


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