My decision to go on a weave-cleanse has been going on well so far. I’ve got my wigs, my conditioners, and other stuff going on to ensure my hair is as healthy as possible.

This journey is what has inspired me to write this post. Many of us ladies have had extreme cases of hair-loss due to the way our stylists have handled them. Sometimes, we let them put our hair through rigorous styles that either pull them off or cause a lot of breakage.  

So today, I’m on a mission to enlighten you on things you shouldn’t let your hair stylist do to your hair.

  1. Using a short picking comb on your hair: I think this is the number one cause of breakage and hair loss. Once, I went to re-touch my hair, as due as my hair was, this stylist use a short comb on my hair. I was so infuriated! It was painful and then I look up to see the amount of hair that came off! I couldn’t help screaming, “Do you want to finish my hair?” this comb go well with soft, silky and very relaxed hair. It easily glides through the hair without causing unnecessary breakage.
  2. Wash out hair conditioner as soon as it was applied: I must say I find this very ridiculous when after shampooing your hair; they apply conditioner and immediately rinse it off. I thought that was wrong for many years, but I also felt that they were using a particular type off conditioner that didn’t require leaving the conditioner for some time. Please, for the sake of your hair, kindly insist and ensure that the conditioner stays on for at least 20 minutes on your hair before washing it out. Read a magazine; find something to o while you wait. This helps in moisturising your hair really well, and you will see the difference when you wash it off.
  3. Giving you hairstyles that are unfriendly to baby hairs: This is the alpha and omega of frontal hair loss! Those beautiful and tempting styles that keep calling on you, like; fix ‘n’ drop, tiny Ghana braids, twisting, any kind of hair that involves the use of bond. This one is particular to ladies who have scanty and weak baby hair. I’ve seen people who constantly make styles like Ghana braids and yet have full frontal hair, while some people (like me) try it once and all the hair is gone!
  4. Recommend and use different products on your hair: This one is very important because new products are introduced everyday, claiming to do things we only see in dreams. Kindly stick with one or two products. Before, I could use Ozone Relaxer this month, next month I’ll use Dark & Lovely…I’d say, “Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!”  Don’t do that to your hair my dear. Also, Everything isn’t good and doesn’t work for everybody. Most hairstylists (in my part of the world) are ignorant: once they manage to train for a few months on how to retouch and fix few styles, they open a salon. Unlike some other nations, where you get to attend a diploma in cosmetology or hairstyling and makeup, etc. Also, some government organisations have been set up to monitor what most salons do to ensure the safety of clients. So if you find yourself in one of those countries where things aren’t properly regulated, research for yourself, look for a professional: make proper inquiries to find what you need, not just what anyone prescribes for you. Remember, ‘what is good for the goose, may not be good for the gander.’
  5. Apply unidentified things (or products) on your hair without telling you what it is or give you details of its content. Someone once told me that her hair started falling after she went for some treatment. Eventually, she found out the lady applied coffee as part of the content for the treatment...Coffee is harsh on almost everything, and for someone to apply it on the hair? Yes we know coffee can boost hair growth, but it should be applied appropriately and to the right hair type, not just any hair. This is the type of story you don't want to have after getting that treatment you paid so much for.

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