Beauty 101: Those Little Creams That Keep Our Faces Glowing

Unfiltered No Make-up Face
My face was a lot worse than this about 3 months ago
Today I’m glad to share one of beauty secrets with you. As we well know, acne, un-even skin color and wrinkles are among the most common beauty challenges that plague the women-folk. Trust the beauty industries in our time to have so many products that proffer solutions to these many problems. However, in spite of all these wonderful beauty products in the market, we still have two major problems;

·         These products are beyond many people’s reach or sold in a limited number of countries.
·         They are veeeeeeeery expensive.

This happens to be a problem if you live in a country that doesn’t use the USD or pounds. Most things are quite exorbitant when you convert it to the worth of your home currency, hence you don’t have a choice but to resort back to the limited, and mostly fake products you find in your local beauty shop.

In fact, in the past few years, especially since I started blogging, reading and learning more about the beauty world, I no longer just walk into a shop and buy just about anything. I don’t visit just any beauty shop. Most beauty shops I go to (when it comes to creams and soap) are places where the sales personnel is a trained beautician and knows what to recommend to customers. Not just a shop where the sales rep. (Umu boi) will just recommend products based on the fact that it is new or reigning. In my post about African skin care tips, I discussed the importance of finding your skin type and knowing what works for you. Don’t just pick up anything you see in the market.

   Sometime last year, I had some serious break outs after I relocated from Abuja to Uyo. This usually happens to me though…the whole change of weather/water, etc. my face started gathering lots of black spots such that without a concealer, my foundation will not cover up anything and my face was darker than the rest of my body…for real. A friend of my recommended a cream for me, said it was sold in a pharmacy. As at then, she was using Neoskin, but then she recommended Bafana. I haven’t used any of these tubes before, but the breakouts were much I was willing to try anything so long as I get results. 

However, to my uttermost amazement, just 3 days after I started using Bafana, my face began to glow. The spots gradually began to disappear. Then, I stopped using foundation for a while and used powder only, and I will still glow. I always say, instead of us ladies spending all our cash on makeup that cover skin blemishes, spend your money on products that will clear the blemishes, such that with or without makeup, you can walk the streets with your head up…confident in your natural God-given beauty.

So here is a list of those little creams that keep our faces glowing:

1.    Bafana: This one is top on my list because it was the first that really worked well for me. I discontinued use because I traveled to Dubai and the breakouts resurfaced again. I guess the Dubai weather was too harsh for Bafana to perform. When I came back and moved to where I stay now, it’s as though they’ve never heard of it before, I have checked in all the big shops I know, but nada!

2.     Skineal: Once a friend recommended this for me, I tried it, but it didn’t work so I gave it out. I have seen three ladies it worked for. It tones and smoothes your facial skin, ridding it of acne and unwanted rashes.

3.   Neoskin: This is the one my friend was using, she was in fact using it for her whole skin. It made her far much lighter than I was used to, but hey…you know our Nigerian weather has a way of changing your color if you’re too exposed to sunlight. I tried it early this year, it didn’t give me the quick-action Bafana gave me, so I kicked it to the carbs…but like I said, it’s all about your skin, it worked for my friend, in lightening her, but it didn’t get rid of the plenty acne on her face. So it depends on the result you want. Do you want the acne gone or do you want to tone?

4.    BG Cream: This one is my current favorite (in the absence of bafana). It has a triple action quality. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. And just like Bafana, I started seeing results within the first one week. The Pharmacist recommended it and I’m still using it.

5.     Smooth & Clear: I used it a few years back in the uni. This one isn’t really antibacterial, but I remember my color was great then and it cleared all those unwanted chest pimples and facial blemishes too. Though I don’t intend using it again.

6.   Tempovate: this wouldn’t have been on the list, except for the fact that I was admiring one lady one day in a cab. She had this oooily skin…my face could practically reflect on hers, however, one thing that was significant was that it was smooth and spotless. I told her she looked great and quickly asked her what she uses for her face. It was right in her hand bag, so she brought it out and showed me. I haven’t used it before, but I’ve seen someone it worked for.

Finally one beautiful thing about these products is that they are not expensive. They cost about ₦250 or ₦300 each. You may not find them in a beauty shop rather check a pharmacy…one where they know what they are doing oo! If they are very good, they may also recommend other ones…but be careful, not everything works for you.

Have you used any of these products? Let me know your thoughts...



  1. Currently using the bafama....started today anyway

    I will talk on that when I get my needed results

    1. Hi dear. Did you get the desired results from using Bafama? Let me know the results you got.

  2. I used cleared my pimples but it made me very Ifair naturally but people said I looked orange after its application

  3. There a large number of wrinkle creams available to consumers. How does one pick a good cream? If you want to decide on a good cream then you will need to so some research on the creams in orders to find the best ones.varyforte

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  5. Hi,I'd used Neoskin for about a week and it did worked only for me to begin to react(more red looking acne) and became fairer

  6. The hassle was solved simply in time before my holidays! CREST 3D WHITE STRIPS REVIEW stays so proper with them! I'm glad that I selected them for my work! first-rate!

  7. The one I,m using currently is bafama and it has been the best for me, once I use it my face become smoother and pimples will disappear.


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