My 4 Go-to Hair Treatment Creams

I walk into the salon one Sunday afternoon to wash and blow-dry my hair. "Do you have any hair treatment cream?" I asked. "Yes." The lady answered. She brought this container and showed me, telling me that applying that to my hair will cost me N500. I wasn't shocked at all because these hairstylists can blow things out of proportion at times, however,
I told her not to border. "Just use Sheabutter then." I said. But she still applied some of the N500 product on my hair, assuring me that a trial will convince me. Next day, I took a trip to Eni Stores and checked out the cost of the hair treatment, it was affordable, so I bought it.

Back to the topic of the day.

I must say that over the years of beauty-hauling, I've come across several hair products for growth, strengthening, edges, etc. At one point I tried one product sold by all these Fulani women...I had to mix it with my hair cream and at the end of the day,  it resulted in the worst kind of hair loss ever! However, after my experience with these hairstylist, truth be told, I loved the feel of my hair. It was soft and silky...and I didn't have unnecessary breakages that come with retouching, that was the major reason I went to look for the product for keeps.
Having said all that, I would like to show you some products I have invested in (for my hair) from late 2014 till now:

  1.  Profective Mega Growth Daily Leave-in Strengthener: This is the magic product that got me running to Eni Stores the next day (after my salon trip). It gave my hair a soft texture with a natural shine. It's effects doesn't wear off easily. With this product, i don't go to the salon to blow-dry my hair (except i want to fix or braid). I just wash my hair, condition it with this product and blow0dry at home. It is worth very penny. Trust me, everything they say about it's strengthening quality is true.

  1. Vitale Olive Oil Edge Rite: This product is the best I've ever used in all my life of looking for products that can hold down those edges. It keeps your edges in place all through the day, especially if your hair has been retouched recently. it is not dry and scaly like the  normal gel that ends up chopping off your hair. It give your hair a glittery appeal and yet smooth and exactly where you want it to be.

  1. Hair Mayonnaise: you can also read the review on this product by thekinandi. It has a deep conditioning quality that leaves your hair quite soft and silky. I've know this product for a long time, but i never quite thought about investing in it until my sister used it on her son's hair. zit has a nice fragrance and makes it easy to comb (detangle) too.

  1. Shea Butter: I have read so many reviews and heard so many stories about this natural product of wonders. It is undeniable that shea butter has multiple health values, however, in relation to hair...I love the natural shine it gives to my hair. I prefer using shea butter than the multiple hair cream used in the salon. I also use it for my skin too and as makeup primer (see Beauty Tips:My 2 Secret Unconventional Beauty Items ).

This doesn't end here. Stay tuned as I'll keep keeping you updated on my beauty routines.
I've got you!
Much love.

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