10 Must-Have Tools For Every Beauty-Conscious Woman

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As a beauty conscious woman and even most ladies who are like me will definitely agree that there are things you MUST have in your closet for those DIY days. Just like sports guys own basic gear, such as; jersey, stud, stockings, etc. think of this post as 10 beauty gears for beauty-conscious ladies. 

The inspiration for this post came to me while I was scrubbing my foot one day in the bathroom, it’s been over 3 months and I can’t fathom why it took me so long to write and post. Now that I’m here, let’s check it out.

1. A Facial Scrub: Beauty gurus never over-emphasize the importance of the scrub. There are even full body scrubs. The scrub is essential for exfoliation of the skin, be it on the face, hand or leg. The face is most important (to me) because it is the first part of my body that people get acquainted with…it is like my selling point, my trademark. If I don’t take care of it, who will? Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin from the skin’s surface. Without constant/proper exfoliation, these dead (dry) skins begin to build up, hence blocking the pores of the skin, which eventually result in acne and other skin blemishes. i'm presently using Nature's Bounty Papaya Scrub.

2. Facial mask: Some people like to go with one. Either a scrub or mask, but I use the two at different days in a week. I love my mask because it contains lemon and AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acid). Research has proven that lemon is the friend of light skinned ladies…be you white or black. It loves us. I use St. Moritz Lemon Peel Off Mask.

3. Facial cream: Some use moisturizers, but I use this Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream on my face called BG Cream ( see Those Little Creams That Keep Our Faces Glowing).
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4. Foot Scrub: I don’t use a cream, but I definitely can’t do without my manual foot scrub which I use at least once in two weeks, depending on how exposed my feet were during the period. This one saves us from embarrassing cracked heels…it definitely is a No No for us beauty-conscious ladies.

5Pedicure Set: hmmmm. This one is quite vital if you don’t like rough nails and messy cuticles. With this, whether you have on artificial nails or not, your nails will always be on point.

6. Hand cream: If you’re not into stiff, dry and rough hands, then a hand cream is definitely a must-have for you. I mean, have you ever given someone and handshake and wondered, “What the hell?” So much so that you want to free your hand from his/her grip. Hard labour like farming and washing can over-work the hands and make it hard, but a woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Always apply cream on your hands after washing it. Hand creams come in handy when you use the rest room at a public place and wash your hand, or after eating in a restraint, etc.

7.  Flattening Iron: For flattening your hair at home. Good for DIY lovers like me. 

8. Tonguing Iron: For curling your hair at home. Good for DIY lovers like me. There are several tonguing tools that give different curls.
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9. Hair Dryer: I thank God most ladies are identifying with the relevance of having some of these hair gadgets in the home. In the past, it was as though these tools were only meant for hairstylists in the salon, if you manage to own a dryer, then you are a “big girl”. However, now, most beauty-conscious ladies know that for your hair to always be on point and for you not having to run to the salon each time your hair shrinks, you’ve got to own one of these tools, if not all. I for one find it more comfortable to wear my weave for some weeks because I always have my flattening machine to straighten those hairs into place.

    10. Makeup Bag(s):  I feel like I don’t have anything to say except, “What kind of woman doesn’t own a makeup bag?” even if it contains just lip-gloss and white powder (talc). This is definitely not up for deliberation. Every woman, so long as you ain’t gay…as in in the male sense, you’ll definitely own a makeup bag/box that suits your beauty needs.

Which of these tools are your favourite?

See you next time dear. 


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