Important Life Lessons: Four Things No One Can Ever Take Away From You


Hello friends, it's been a while since I posted my new thoughts. A lot have been going on in my life lately, giving me room to think about life, read and acquire more knowledge that will help me move forward. If you read my post on 'Important Life Lessons' you'll observe the line of thought I've towed's all about the most important things, facts, ideologies etc in life. How focusing on these things will really help in the choices you make in life.

Today, I'm sharing my thought or better still, a friend's thought on Four Things No One Can Ever Take Away From You. I accept it as my thought because I see reasons and therefore agree.

  1. Education: By education, I do not mean your certificates. This refers particularly to what you were able to retain in your mind after many years of schooling and training for different skills. Many people went to school but aren't able to defend their certificates or even apply anything they learnt in the real world. My point is, every opportunity you have to learn is a great opportunity to grab something that no one can ever take away from you. Your certificates may burn or get stolen, but your knowledge can't/won't.

  2. Exposure: This refers to the ability to see life in a broad perspective so much so that you can now build your own ideology without bias or naivety. I say this because so many people lack exposure, they only view life and experiences from  a limited point of view. And then, they don't have enough facts to back up of defend their mind-set about life's events. Take me for example, some time last year, I got an opportunity to travel out of the country, I haven't done that before, but I jumped at it...and trust me, I have no regrets whatsoever. The things I witnessed and experienced I can assure  you that no one can take away from me or try to dissuade me from. Also, I read lots of  books on relationships that help me make the right choices, I watch lots of movies that enable me understand other peoples' culture, etc Every opportunity you have to be exposed to something new is something you shouldn't let pass: take a risk: learn to drive a car, or motor cycle, taste that drink and have a feel of the taste, take that holiday trip you've been dreaming of, try out new technology, etc. Refuse to be static and obsolete.

  3. Experience: This particular one is almost same as (2) above, however, it refers to not just things we read, observed or watched, it is one's exact first hand experience of an event. For example; it doesn't matter how many times you hear about tales of childbirth, the only people who truly comprehend it are mothers...those who actually experienced it. Every experience, good or bad teaches us something...learn from it: make the future better. Another good example I have to give is that, though single, my wealth of experience with living with relatives (as a nanny of some sought), visiting my elder ones and baby-sitting for them and also working in a school for some years now have provided me with prior knowledge on how to take care of babies and toddlers. I actually have an edge over people who haven't had these experiences. I know they say, "Experience is the best teacher.", yet not all experiences are for good; like rape, bomb blast, stampede, etc. so let's be careful in our dealings while we pray for safety.

  4. Age: I know you were probably not expecting it, but we both agree it is a fact. It  doesn't matter how much botox our celebrities get or surgeries to replace/enhance parts of the body, in due time, age will come calling. I for one didn't know Joan Rivers was up to 80 years of age at the time of death. No disrespect meant, my point is ensure that each year of your life consists off some value adding experience or knowledge. you don't want to look back at your life and not just feel like a fool at forty, but forever. Take the bull by the horn, do what you need to now, before your time is up.

What other lessons have you learnt from life? Do you think I covered it all? Share your thoug thoughts to teach someone else today.

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