Gold-Green Sunday Beauty

Good day friends, I'm back again with my cheeddahlooks!
Today I thought of wearing a bold look. Usually, colours don't look good on me, but I was determined to look good anyways. So I finally went for a Gold-Blue based look that best suits my outfit, colour and mood of the day. I would gladly share the details of this look with you.

Makeup Details

Brows: Davis Eye Pencils, Mary Kay foundation

Eyes: Ushers eyeshadow in green and black, L. A. Colors Gold palette, Jodana eyeliner and Zaron Mascara.

Lip: Davis lipliner, Miss Rose Lipstain, Island Beauty Lipstick in red

 This time I didn't want to use my contour kit, so I went for a plain look. this still gives me a little bit of the natural look because no one comes with a naturally contoured face, hence it is not a 'must-do' makeup routine for me.

Face: Zaron Cream-to-Powder and Mary Kay Powder

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