How To Make Chicken and Snail Vegetable sauce

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Today I will be sharing thoughts on how to make chicken and snail vegetable sauce.


* Carrots
* Green pea
* Green pepper
* Spring Onions
* Irish potato
* Chicken
* Snails
* Salt, knorr, curry, red pepper
* Olive oil or Vegetable oil

Green pea, green pepper, snail, spring onions and carrots


Boil Irish potato
* Get your snails ready by washing neatly with lime. after that, put them in a pot and season with pepper, a cube of knorr, a pinch of salt and 1 tea spoonful of crayfish. allow to boil for about 20 minutes.

* Wash the chicken and season  with ginger, salt, knorr, curry and pepper. Allow it to boil till it's done.

* Wash your vegetables and chop them in choice sizes like in the image above.

 Now at all your ingredients are ready, it's quite easy and fast. Note: you don't cook vegetables for long to avoid them loosing their nutrients.

* Pour a proportional amount of oil in your sauce pot. Allow it to heat up for about one minute. Add the spring onions (not all) and green pea (it is harder) after about 2 minutes, add the green pepper, curry, red pepper and your spices or seasonings.

Allow to simmer for another minute. To get a thick effect, blend some of the irish potato. pour it into the sauce. Add chicken, snail and remaining potatoes. if its too thick, add some water.
stir and allow to simmer for about a second. Add the carrot and remaining spring onion. bring it down from the fire.

Boil your rice or spaghetti and enjoy your meal.

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