My Bridal Wish-List: Burgundy and Silver Way!

If you are unconventional, and love to be unique...then you'll probably love my bridal wish-list: the Cinderella-prom-looking
wedding dress over time has never been my thing. Hence here are some beautiful dresses that could make our special and beautiful as we imagined it.

From the short to the straight cut chic dresses...

I love Burgundy and Peach, do you? let's check out some beautiful accessories to pair with these dresses.

Heels are awesome! They give ladies that sexy-classy look and feel, nevertheless, a few hours into the day, you're willing to be on bare-feet than be on your million-dollar heel. So, let's take a look at some shoes that'll definitely be relevant for the day:

I didn't forget the cake...though, I'd still/probably make something different.

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