How to Care For Your Vagina (PART 1): Is Your Vagina Safe?

Hello girly girls, tom-boys and lovely ladies. Like I always say, I always have you in mind. Today, I’d love to talk about our precious ‘cookie jar’ and things that put them at risk.

1.       Dirty Toilets: This happens to be top on the list for me as we must remove waste products from our bodies on daily basis. It is not enough to have a sparkly white toilet, this is because germs and bacteria that cause infections do not
recognize colors. Hence, beyond ‘whiteness’, use of anti-bacterial cleaning agents like bleach, detol, etc in our cleaning routine can go a long way to rid our toilets of harmful organisms. Private toilets should be washed at least three times a week.

2.       Wetness: the vagina is naturally wet, hence, you will on your part learn to keep it as dry as possible. This entails the use of DRY undergarments and always clean-up after urinating.

3.      Inserting Dirty Fingers into the Vagina: This is one every woman should be highly conscious of. Our hands unconsciously pick up germs at almost every touch or contact with an object/a person. Extra care should be taken therefore when cleaning up after using the rest room and after sex.

4.      Unprotected sex: The risk of having unprotected sex cannot be over-emphasized. A lot could go wrong: from getting infected with STDs to unwanted pregnancy. Generally, the damage it causes far outweighs the fun of it!

5.      Tight-fitting Undergarments: These undergarments hold in warmth and moisture which creates a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria that are harmful to our private parts.

6.      Chemically induced Scents: Use of perfumes/sprays/powder or any other scented material in our vagina is highly prohibited. Instead of making it smell nice, it can cause irritation and bad odor.

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