How to Care for the Vagina (PART 2): 7 things We Do That Keeps The Vagina Healthy


Hello friends, I didn’t leave you hanging. On this post I’m sharing thoughts on things we do/can do while caring for our ‘cookie jars’.

1.       Do not use anti-bacterial soaps on your vagina: Anti-bacterial soaps like detol, tetmosol, etc can kill healthy bacteria in the vagina, thereby increasing the risk of an infection. Always ensure that every trace of soap is washed away while
taking your bath. NOTE: the vagina is the hole in our private part, while the vulva is the outer layer of skin that covers the vagina.

2.       Do not use douches and perfumes: Growing up, we were made to believe lots of myths about caring for the body. This is one of them. Here I am today, letting you know that it is absolutely unhealthy to use perfumes/sprays or any chemically induced scented material in the vagina. The vagina has its own natural smell.  Avoid the use of scented pads and wipes also.

3.      Maintain good hygiene during your periods: this involves changing your pads as often as possible to avoid itching and bad smell. Always take your bath at least twice a day or wash your vagina with warm water during menstruation.

4.      Always wear cotton undergarments: If you are not a fan of cotton, ensure that the section of the garment that covers your vagina is covered with cotton. This because, cotton absorbs excess moisture that can be harmful to the vagina.

5.      Pee after sex: This helps to flush out harmful bacteria that might have traveled far into your ‘hooha’ during intercourse.

6.      Wipe from front to back

7.      Use condoms.

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