Great Skin Care Tips for the African Skin!

I know like me, most African women have one thing or the other about their skin, which they worry about once in a while or always. For me, I’m always concerned about my skin. The color/tone, any rash that appears, every little scar, hence I’m always particular about the body lotion, soap, etc that I use. 

Today I will share some great skin tips to give you that knockout appeal you’ve always wanted. I’m not an expert; however, I have little knowledge that I would love to share with other people who have no clue as to what is the cause of their skin imperfections. So here we go… 

 1. Protect your skin from the sun: This is the most important of them all. If you use the most expensive and efficient product, without throwing a sunscreen in the mix; you stand a chance of having a damaged skin due to sun burn and you will not get that great skin you love. Walking under the sun without protection isn’t healthy. The leading cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and, according to the National Cancer Institute, over one million people are diagnosed a year. On top of this, many Africans’ assume that due to their darker skin tones, they can skip sunscreen altogether. This results in higher death rates from melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer. So whenever you go out make sure you have your skin protected by using sun screen, there are so many products and brands that you can choose from like the Mary Kay Sunscreen Spectrum SPF 50 and Mary Kay Men moisturizer sunscreen SPF, yes! The guys aren’t left out. 

 2. Use the right skin care products: The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized at all. This is one of the major challenges facing the African woman. We hardly find it difficult to find the kind of body lotion that suits our skin type/color. Some people are constantly switching from one beauty product to another based on the prescription of non-professionals. And by non-professionals I mean all the numerous cosmetics retailers who have no clue about what they are selling or the content of the products. Sometimes they even prescribe body lotions based on the fact that it is “reigning” or “in vogue”. Lotions that are rich in hydroquinone and steroids may make you light, but they always have side effects like; black under eyes, dark skin patches, uneven skin tone, dark knuckles, body odor, etc 

 3. Try a cosmetologist & dermatologist: Now I still don’t understand why some fields of study like cosmetology aren’t that popular in my part of the world. I mean, if I had my way, I would go for that course for a second degree. A cosmetologist will know your skin type and based on a professional knowledge prescribe the right kind of product that is suitable for you. The job of a cosmetologist goes beyond body lotion prescription, they can also enlighten you on healthy eating and other things you can do to boost your physical appearance. A dermatologist also comes in handy as the skin is their specialty. Don’t wait till it’s a dreadful disease before you do a medical check-up. 

 4. Apply body lotion at night: I used to think it was a total waste of resources in the past until I recently indulged myself in it. I may not have a scientific/biological explanation for it, but I know that when you apply lotion on your body and step out under the harsh conditions of the weather, it can only be replenishing for you to return at night, shower and apply your night lotion…after which you retire to bed. 

5. Get rid of expired and old body/facial products: This has a large part to play in obtaining the perfect skin color. It’s just like eating expired or soured food and hoping it will be nice to your body. 

6. Be clean: From having a bath as constant as necessary to dry-cleaning and over-all cleanliness. With emphasis on the face and the private parts of the body. Don’t forget your hair! 

7. Pamper yourself: I’d also say, indulge yourself. I know the cost of some type of pampering isn’t cheap, nevertheless you need to give yourself a gift sometimes. You may not be the celebrity that has everything at their beck and call, but you can see yourself as one and give yourself a treat every now and then. Visit a spa, get a massage, pedicure, etc. better still, if you have a spouse or friend that can give you the treat, take the offer…it doesn’t come cheap out there.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Let me know the comments section if you think I left anything out.

Till next time...


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