DIY: How to Style Your Crotchet Braids

  Hello beauties, recently I tried out the crochet braids. I know it's not so popular around here, so I decided to share my routine with you.

1. We do not have the original Marley Braids in Nigeria or I haven't seen, so I used Expression color       1.
2. A latch or you can create 1 like I did with a wire.
3. If you can't DIY, get some help from a friend or sibling or go to a salon.
4. Moisturizer
5. You need a comb
6. A mirror
 1. Comb out your hair thoroughly and divide it into 4 places. To have at least four partings. This is my first try-out, hence I didn't do mine like that. However, u should use your discretion. Cut the beginning of each part into two and then braid it backwards up to the middle where you join the two as one braid.After braiding your natural hair, you should have eight corn-rows in front that forms four at the back.
 2. Start inserting the braids using the latch, working your way up from back to front.

  1. At this point you are done inserting the braids. Cut out braids in small quantities, comb, moisturize and twist. Do this with all the braids.

Watch video to see what I did.

By the time you're done, you'll have something like this.

  1. Get some help or go to the nearest salon and insert into hot water.

     N:B The most remarkable thing about the crochet braids is that it is a protective hair style. You don't have to worry about the extension pulling off your hair and so on. You can also re-coil after a few weeks if you don't mind. See pictures above for final look.

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