hahahahaha! I can't help laughing because this particular subject is quite hilarious-serious too. it is hilarious because when you here people say things like, "but I love him", especially when the man in question doesn't give a shit about her, you can't help but find it hilarious. it is also serious because a person in love is, and I quote, "mostly the most disillusioned person" when it comes to his/her object of affection. they don't get it! sometimes, even with the evidence right in their eyes, they'd rather be in denial.

   So here I was listening to this preacher and he says something that hit me. Something that has mouled my mindset about men and relationships a long time ago. He said, "don't marry who you love, love who you marry." if you are married and you agree with him, kindly type "preach on preacher!" (and hit like) This is because the bible actually said, "husbands, love your wife..." This is why marriage is strategic. I have heard stories of people that abandoned relationships of seven years to be with someone they met within a couple of months. I am not encouraging you to (purposely) go about breaking hearts and toying with people's emotions. I'm saying, be wise: at the beginning, in the middle...whenever you discover that what you are in isn't what you anticipate for in the future, abandon ship! DO IT WISELY!

   A number of times, during my chat with married women, they told me "everything is not about love" "sometimes love is not enough"...hehehe. Seriously? Even I find it hard to comprehend, but too bad, that is the hard truth. So you are madly in love with this tall, handsome, swagged-up dude, but he uses your body as a punching bag. my beloved, run for your life. So you are in love with this guy who has slept with a number of your girlfriends (while you were dating) and then he comes back all romantic and loving you up again...haven't you heard about HIV? So you're in love with a guy who thinks the only use you are to him is to cook, clean, scrub, mop, satisfy him in bed...next he'll say you're deperate. For this type, two things are involved, either they realize it too late that they messed up big time, or they marry someone else...well, less 'desperate'. Guys, you're in love with a lady who only remembers you when she has money-needs...and yet you prefer her to the one that is taking good care of you.

n/b: people in love are in very delicate situations, you've got to handle them with care. whether you're rendering advice or suggesting or giving them information, I strongly believe you should be subtle and most importantly...pray for them.

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