How to Know He Is Not Ready For Commitment

Hello. I know many people have dealt with this subject a number of times, but unfortunately, women still make mistakes with men. Like a friend of mine pointed out, many times people cause their own battles and then begin to pray to God to come and fight for them. Another friend of mine once told me that 90% of every failed relationship is the woman’s fault. So I want to open it up to my readers, what do you think about that? Do you believe that is true?

Well, let’s look at some things that men do to show that he is not willing to commit. These symptoms can mostly be indiscernible in extreme cases when the man in question completely has you schooled, so you've got to be prayerful. For instance, if he goes to the point of introducing you to fake, in some cases real parents and relatives, in which case, he definitely has a hidden agenda beyond trying to get you to bed.

1.        If he tells you he loves you but he has someone else. He is clearly letting you know you can’t hold him responsible for your future heartbreak if you go ahead with him.

2.       If he answers a woman’s call and lies about his whereabouts when he is with you. This shows he is protecting that other woman. He doesn’t want her to feel hurt and suspicious, especially if his alibi is a very safe place like, hanging out with the boys, having a meeting, etc

3.       If he says or acts like he is doing you a favour by being with you. Don’t be so naïve to fall for this trick. They use it against women who they know want to belong or are desperately in need of attachment…so they go, “do you know how many women that want to be with me?”

4.      If he never calls, especially after you’ve complained. Mega HANDWRITING that says, “you are hardly/never on my mind.” No matter how busy a person is, he will find time to call or see you.

5.       If he only calls you when he is in town. Hello, can I hear someone say, “Booty call.”? He only wants you for the night or the period he is in town, after that, he returns to his destination and you never hear from him again until he is in town again. Please, you are too beautiful to be remembered once in a blue moon.

6.      When you met, he used to spend loads of cash on you, after you had sex, he now goes, “I’m low on cash.” It’s obvious he has gotten what he was really gunning for. So by the time he frustrates you with lack of affection, he expects you to quit by yourself. Nevertheless, if you are that needy to want to stick with him, maybe, by the time he is done with you, your name will change from ‘Mary’ to ‘Ry’, because you’re going to be a far cry from whom you used to be, emotionally, financially, psychologically and otherwise.

7.       If he relates with you on a short-term basis. Someone can pretend, but not forever. One day, he is going to give himself away with his words. Pay attention to details. If he never mentions you in his future plans, watch it girl. He clearly and consciously doesn’t want to raise your hopes. Nevertheless, this sometimes works differently, so you really need to discern what exactly is going on in that ‘handsome’ head. In a genuine case, it could be he doesn’t want to scare you away with talks of the future or he is truly not ready to settle down, so there is no need making promises he is not ready to fulfil.

8.      If he is directly or indirectly in a hurry to go to bed with you. Nonetheless, do not be deceived, some players have become very smart. If you are not careful, you will mistake their persistence for patience. Watch it girl.

9.      If he has lied to you about his name, age, workplace, home address, etc. if you just find out the record of lies he has told you are more than the truths about him, it means he doesn’t want you to know who he really is. He could also have some secret, if you’re willing to stay, just hope that whatever secret he has works out for your good at the end of the day.

10.    If he gives you a timetable of when and when not to call him. This is tricky. I’m not talking about the normal, don’t call when he is at work (which is usually not necessary except in exceptional cases). I mean like he clearly, maps out a plan of when is convenient for you to call, like, from 7:00pm – 6:00am is not a good time to call me, watch it, girl. He could have a live-in lover or a wife at home. Don’t be deceived by his sparky, clean responsible appearance.

11.     If you give him the “so” question, and he is like, “baby, I love you, but if you see someone that wants to marry you, just go ahead.” That is it. No hidden handwriting! He has said it as it is. Take the cue and take a walk.

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