Growing up an orphan was quite tough. There were so many things which I wanted that I couldn't have. My elder sister will always remind me of one of our father's favourite scriptures, "Be content with what you have." This helped me a lot through life as an adolescent, teenager and now an adult. I trained myself to close my eyes to the things I couldn't afford and to be happy with what I have.

I wasn't originally a minimalist style blogger until I stumbled on to it in figtny.com and harperandharley.com. After much research, I realised that it is a perfect definition of what has become my style. I love my outfits to be simple, chic and classy. Once in a while, I reflect my tom-boy side in my style too. White and black happens to be my favourite colours. I also love other shades of nude; grey, cream, silver, khaki,  etc.

This blog features my minimal wardrobe and fashion finds, beauty and lifestyle content. I decided to try the minimal lifestyle since 2017, and 7 months gone and I'm loving it more and more. At first, it was meant to be about my personal style, but it is gradually taking over my life as a whole, from home/office decor, pieces of jewellery, makeup, etc...

...and because owning a minimalist wardrobe entails going for items of clothing and accessories that can randomly pair with each other, I also feature repeat clothes/accessories in different styles... so... it is quite interesting and explorative... Now, that, I like.

I love the whole minimalist concept as it gives room for focusing on what is most important and letting go of excesses.

I hope you are entertained and inspired.

Thanks once again.