Oversized Off-the-Shoulder Ankara Short Dress By PacisVichiAtelier

by - April 21, 2018

Trying to maintain a minimal style when it comes to ankara outfits has not been so easy because there is nothing minimal about ankara. However, this floral ankara print made by PachisVichi does add some activity to my wardrobe aesthetics (considering that most of my clothes are plain)

Since I got this dress, I have worn it about three times, twice to work with a flat sandals and loafers and and once to church (in this look). It is an easy-to style dress, nothing too fancy. I also hope to style it with a leggings or tailored pants, just for the sake of varieties. 

I hope you like this dress and go check out PachisVichisAtelier on Instagram, she is an up-coming designer and her prices are quite moderate.

To shop other items like shoes, bag, earrings used to style this outfit, visit my shop.

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