5 Reasons Why I Started A Minimalist Wardrobe/Style

April 02, 2018

Minimalism is quite an untapped fashion trend in Nigeria. I have noticed that people find it strange if not ridiculous that I never wear bold colours or that most of my wardrobe items are black, which is one of the reasons I believe I haven't been quite as successful as I wish to be as a minimal style blogger in Nigeria.

Firstly, I started minimalism as a result of my quest to overcome trends.

following trends puts a lot of pressure on people (like me), which I strongly believe are majority. The annoying thing is that once trends become popular, it fades. It's no longer a thing. Before you know it, you look ridiculous wearing a formal dress with a loafers or canvas. I remember when it was hideous to wear canvas with Ankara. You will be laughed at, and if care is not taken, people will make memes of that outfit and post it all over social media... you see what I mean?

Secondly, I'm very rich right now... (*sacarsm*).  I truly, sincerely can't afford following up on every single damn trend, whether it is relevant to my sense of style or not. I am a frugal spender... I like to have a budget and plan my spending. So minimalism allows me to do that. All I get to spend money on are JUST the THINGS I NEED.

Thirdly, is it just me or does anyone else hate an over-crowded wardrobe? I got tired of mine. Though there is room for flexibility, true minimalism is reducing your wardrobe to just basics; a black jacket/blazer, a little black dress, a few nude and grey shades, a white snicker, etc,, I started minimalism when I got fed up with a wardrobe overcrowded with clothes I seldom wear or clothes that don't fit anything or only one thing... do you have any piece like that?

Fourthly, management of my wardrobe is a big deal. I love how easy it is to manage a well curated wardrobe. Things are neatly hanged or folded in a corner, and it is so easy to pick out pieces or match outfits.

Finally, it is budget-friendly. This in no way means that minimalism is cheap. You can see for yourself here are here, but you can seriously look good on a budget as a minimalist. I'll talk more about this on How Minimalism Translates To Purposeful Spending.

What type of fashionista are you and what inspired your choice? I love to here from you, so share your 'style-spiration' with me.

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