If there is something I love about this recession in Nigeria, it is the fact that we HAVE learnt and are still learning (for some) the hard way to begin to look inwards, and find how to create jobs (if we couldn't find one), turn our passions into businesses and as a result, boost the economy of our nation.

I am so proud of the Nigerian fashion industry for the groundbreaking steps they are taking into being recognised globally. It is so gladdening to know that some of these Nigerian brands even own outlets overseas and their outfits are also quite affordable and are worn by both celebrities and regular people. More inspiring is the fact that Nigerians have more confidence in local brands now and they are unashamed to flaunt it in social media, events, etc.

Without much ado, I'll go ahead to mention the Top 5 Nigerian Fashion Brands That Are Taking Over Instagram IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

SGTC Clothing
This unique ‘ankara-based’ brand has really won my heart. I started seeing it on one from favourite gospel singer, Ada and then I followed their page. They make unique pieces that speak originality. And more interesting is that they have an overseas stockist, so you see Nigerians in the diaspora and other Africans wear a core Nigerian brand. This is just lovely. In a world where Africa is made to look like a zoo, fashion brands like SGTC tell our true story: that we are a nation borne of creative people.

I knew the CEO of the MMAKAMBA brand from the university when her brand was still called Trish La Moore. She has been consistent with her love and passion for fashion. When I see Mmakamba pieces, I see class, maturity and chicness (if that’s a word). This brand is been currently won by notable Nigerian celebrities like Kate Henshaw. If you are looking for a brand that represents originality, creativity and yet stylish; try Mmakamba. My favourite collections are the fringe and flamingo collections.

This Abuja based brand has one unique trait, which is versatility. They create pieces from adult wears to kiddies (male & female). They also create varied pieces that can be worn casually or bridals (asoebi) etc. 

The Style Zone
This is a Nigerian ready-to-wear brand with a focus on bringing up-to-date, trendy, classy and unique pieces at very affordable rates. Their drive is to give that ‘celebrity kinda look or feeling’ without breaking the bank.

Roda Purses
RODA is a Nigerian brand that specializes in producing handcrafted bespoke statement leather bags, purses and accessories. They are colourful, quirky and vintage pieces made to customer specification and sizes

 Gbemisoke Shoes
This unique brand started out in May 2015 with only flats in two sizes. However, as sales increased, they expanded into producing heels, mules, sandals, metallic, etc. They now have sized up to 46. I discovered this brand a while ago when I was researching on Nigerian brands and my favourite comfortable heels (platforms and block heels), I followed them on their Facebook page at first, before I found them on Instagram.

Style Temple
This yet another female-owned Nigerian brand literally represents its name on their products. Their outfits are just gorgeous. For someone like me that has a thing for simple outfits with unique details, Style Temple definitely resonates with my style. I totally love this brand... hopefully, will work with them for my white wedding. (*winks*)

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Have you worn or used a product from any of these brands? Let me know your experience in the comments section.

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